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Since 1990, Belmont Catering has set the standard for memorable catering and services in London, Ontario and surrounding areas. Through a large selection of starters, entrees and dessert menu’s, Belmont’s Culinary Team offers a reliable service to suit each customer’s requests on an affordable and practical budget. Belmont Catering can provide services for up to 1000 people, but can also accommodate small personal events with a minimum of 30 guests. Whether you are seeking catering services for a wedding, anniversary, celebration or corporate meeting, Belmont Catering offers various service options including buffet style, or more traditional options of country style or table service options. Aside from the typical menu options, Belmont exclusively offers a large selection of barbecue services ranging from chicken and steak, to hamburgers and sausage to tailor your event. Additionally, Belmont Catering offers a specialty bar service taking care of necessary arrangements for you, including staffing bartenders, ordering and organizing liquor items and taking on full responsibility for the licensed liquor event.

With the stress of planning a personal, social or corporate event, Belmont Catering prides on providing you their services with popular menu options to assist and alleviate the stress of planning events. Belmont Catering works with you, your family and your budget to create an event catered to your needs and leaving you satisfied.

 for booking and inquiries please call 1-519-644=1726